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About Us

Core Business Value: Creativity in Innovation

iAssist considers Creativity in Innovation as its core business value. We consider innovation as a continuous phenomenon which is crucial for our growth. The five building blocks of innovation, we follow in every product:

  1. Solution-centered Mindset – Completeness
  2. Kaleidoscopic Thinking – Patents
  3. Full-spectrum Engagement – Highly dedicated team
  4. Master-mind Collaboration – Project wise collaboration with SMEs
  5. Super-Value Creation – Innovative products with Honest Pricing


Solving the client’s unexplained problems with cost-effective platform using the most advanced technologies and with experienced engineers.


Be a global research organization that delivers onto our mission and change the world with innovative and superior products to make people's lives better.

Quality in deliverance is that all matters to us.


 Our Innovations and Technology Patents help businesses operate better.

 Our one-stop-shop for we do end to end handholding to our customers.

Our Clients