iAssist Technology Platform (iTP)

Deep Learning, NLP, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Prediction Algorithms (Patent Pending) Read More

i-Digitalize-@ll (iDA)

Data Capture, OCR, ICR, Data Transformation, and Data Feed (Patent A/F) Read More

i-Autonomous-Test (iAT)

Auto Script, Execution Engine, Auto Heal, and Auto Scoping (Patent Pending) Read More

iAssist Analytics Platform (iAP)

Auto Data Analysis, Auto Pattern Detection, and Auto Data Sufficiency (Patent Pending) Read More

iAssist House of Innovations


Innovation Strategy

Vision & strategic focus on innovation.
Implementation of strategy.


Organization & Culture

Roles & responsibilities for innovation.
Interface & culture for open innovation.


Innovation Life Cycle Process

Idea management.
Product process development.
Launch & continuous development.


Patented Product

Project management.
Human resource & incentives.
IT and knowledge management.


Customer Centric Solution

Growth in revenue and profit.
Number of employees.

IAIL’s Innovation Matrix


Incremental vs. Radical

Radically Disruptive

Sales arguments are fundamentally changed through new innovations.

Radically Sustaining

A significant improvement on a product in an old market with road mapping, & R & D.

Radically Disruptive

Many incremental improvements that eventually lead to a market disruption.

Radically Sustaining

Constant & steady process that happens in every business which is continuous process.


Disruptive vs. Sustaining

Radically Sustaining

i-Autonomous Test Automation (iAT)
iAssist Technology Platform (iTP)

Radically Disruptive

i-Digitalize-@ll (iDA)
iAssist Analytics Platform (iAP)